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San Diego Cypher

April 5, 2012

Photos from last Saturday’s Red Bull BC One San Diego qualifier. Congratulations Prada-G for taking the win.


dance to your own music

December 8, 2011

“The music is in me. The timing and rhythm are so deeply engrained that I don’t have to depend on hearing.” – crazy kujo

– a short video on how to live by.








Carlo Cruz – Camera 1
Anton Francisco – Camera 2
Ian Paredes – Camera 3

Carlo Cruz – Edit

Music – Kraked Unit – Poupées russes
Canon 5D MKII
Canon 7D

Thanks to:

Jacob “Kujo” Lyons (
Rowena Garcia

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trip down the 120

December 8, 2011

Here’s a short video I did from a trip we did to the 120 to 395.  I used an old motorized telescope arm for the moving timelapse with a DIY camera adaptor to mount my 5D MKII.










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it is San Francisco after all

September 26, 2011

.. “so what happened to all the people? For a Sunday this place seemed a little less busy?”
cab driver: “they probably went to this fair –”
me (interrupting the driver): “A FAIR?!! take me to that fair!”
cab driver: “uhmmm, whatever you say”…




Apparently there are no shortage of leather here.
Here are some shots taken yesterday from the awesome Folsom State Fair. Enjoy!












.. here are the rest of the photos (you can click each image for a bigger resolution) :




Technical Notes:

Canon 5d Mk II with Canon 50 1.2 – not too sure if a 50 mm would be the lens of choice for the event but I think it performed well and was pretty versatile. Most shots are between 2.8 – 3.5 aperture (which I believe is the lens’ sweet spot).

Some of the photos are cropped to be a little safer for viewing.



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thursday treat

August 25, 2011

.. needs more cowbells ..




Last Saturday’s shoot for – Braun Battler of the Year US Qualifier.


Model is Bboy pioneer, Braun BOTY organizer and all-around cool guy Poe One

and here’s the lighting set-up:

2 canon speedlights behind for kickers and lighting the background. main light with the beauty dish. rim light directly above – same direction with the ambient light.




Another variation of the set-up (with one light directly behind):

model is none other than Bboy Wicket.



Thanks to Sonny Labay for helping out during the shoot.
To view more photos (shot by me, sonny and markus) from the actual event, please check out the gallery at the website.
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Friday deLight!

August 13, 2011

Since it’s Friday and I finally caught up with all my crap for this week, I decided to start the weekend right and share my small and simple but ultra-awesome and barely legible lighting diagram from my last week’s shoot for Red Bull BC One Chicago.

And here it is! 🙂

Obviously, the position on both lights changes, depending on the position of the subject. I could probably use strobes instead of these big boys but since I’m shooting 16 bboys at high noon and I really wanted to show the details of the walls with small aperture openings, these Alien Bees came in handy.

model is the amazing BBoy ATN.

thanks to Marv Watson for helping out!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to pass me a note.

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go to “previous post” for more photos from the event.

El Niño is going to Russia

July 25, 2011

family:arial,helvetica;font-weight:bold;color:#cc9933;”>Congratulations El Niño for winning last saturday’s Red Bull BC One US Qualifier! a well-deserved victory. And thank you for making me figure out how to type that worm thingy over the letter “n” (Alt+0241, or you could just copy this: Ñ and ñ)

July 23, Red Bull BC One USA Qualifier – The Aragon Ballroom – Chicago.

Here are some photos:

El Niño will be flying to Russia later this year to represent the U.S. and compete at the Red Bull BC One Finals.

Check out for more information.

To see more photos from the event, click here

©Carlo Cruz/ Red Bull Content Pool

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